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Environment – Green Technology Experience

Space Heating and Domestic Hot water

Our experience in high efficiency Green Technologies started some 12 years ago with one of the first UK ground source heating systems for a new build property.

Since then we have installed a significant number of systems to both modest 2 bedroom bungalows to large 8 bedroom properties which have included pools, with over 40 boreholes installed.

In addition to the ground source experience we have installed Air Source heat pumps offering similar efficiency to Ground Source but with lower installation costs.

Water Boreholes

Allied with the Ground source systems is the provision boreholes for water supply both drinking and irrigation and water storage.

Solar Panels

Allied with the space heating solutions we have installed both solar thermal panels and photo voltaic panel systems

Automation and Controlled Lighting

We have experience with a number of systems including Clipsal, Rako, Control 4 together providing lighting controls and general home automation functions for access control, blind and TV operation for example.

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