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Sustainable Building

At PJA Williams we realise that the developments in sustainable building practices are continually evolving.

New materials and re-engineered processes are becoming more readily available. Developments in lighting, heating, water consumption technologies and environmentally friendly materials are entering the market.

Monitoring the market, sourcing the best, most efficient and effective resources is part of our practice.

It is our job to stay up to date with innovative new developments, so that we can share them with you, incorporating suitable techniques into your project specification.

Sustainable development is what enables us to offer alternative building and design options. Alternatives that can be tailored to individual project requirements. Whether looking to build from scratch, renovate existing projects or make minor adjustments, we can take you through the necessary steps to implement a sustainable building development.

We are only too aware that with sustainable development comes trial and error, limitations on possibilities. This is true because sustainability in the bigger picture is still a relatively new discipline.

However, at PJA Williams we seek to achieve maximum sustainable results as far as resource, technologies and processes allow us. Which is why we spend time building upon expertise and new development opportunities to offer knowledgeable consultant services best suited to your project specification.